Injury Prevention in Basketball

Why is it important?

Injury prevention programs significantly reduce the incidence of injury in sports such as basketball. It is estimated that they reduce injuries by up to 40%1. Programs should be implemented before trainings and games.

Ankle and knee injuries make up approximately 40% of all basketball injuries2. By creating a program with components of strength, balance, proprioception and flexibility, research has shown the incidence of these can be reduced.

Adherence to injury prevention programs is key, and both players and coaches should be involved. All athletes should begin with the Intermediate level program and adhere to for at least two weeks. Progression to the Advanced level exercises can be made after this point if there is a need to increase difficulty and only if the Intermediate exercises can be performed correctly and for the recommended duration.

The information contained in these programs is generic information and it is recommended consulting an allied health or sports science professional for specific individual advice. 

Intermediate Level Program

Advanced Level Program


This set of resources was developed by Flinders University Physiotherapy students with contribution and assistance from SA Country Basketball staff and coaches on behalf of the SA Sports Medicine Association.



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