Safeguarding your club

Below you will find SASMA's policies and other valuable guidelines which we encourage to be implemented when your club requires.


SASMA Sports Trainer Code of Ethics


The Sports Trainer must clearly understand their defined roles and responsibilities and has a moral responsibility to work within the limits of their qualifications, and hence not assume roles outside of these. The Code of Ethics for Sports Trainers can be accessed below. These should be adhered to by all Sports Trainers. 

Concussion Management Policy


The AFL Doctors’ Association, AIS and AMA have issued new guidelines to manage concussive episodes sustained during activities. The Concussion Management policy that can be accessed below is based on those guidelines.

SSARM Concussion Return Form


To help sports trainers, first aiders, coaches, parents and other individuals when dealing with concussion and return to play, SASMA has produced this clearance approval form that players must have signed off on by a Medical Doctor.

Hot Weather Guidelines


To help organisations, coaches, teachers and other individuals when conducting sport in hot weather, SASMA has produced this revised set of guidelines. These guidelines are based on the latest research as well as the expertise of SASMA’s medical and scientific members.

Accreditation and or Qualifications of those treating players


SASMA recommend that you check with your National or State Sporting Body’s policy on the minimum qualifications required to those treating players at both trainings and games.
In the absence of this information, it is recommended that the minimum requirements outlined in the document below be adhered to. 

Appropriate Code of Behaviour by ALL


Positive attitudes and conduct make sport enjoyable for everyone. Unfortunately, some people can ruin the experience with poor behaviour. Poor conduct and behaviour comes in many forms so it is important to understand what constitutes poor conduct and behaviour. Play by the Rules provides information on appropriate codes of behaviour.

On Field Policies (When can personnel enter the field of play)


Some sports have specific rules in regards to when support staff can enter the field or court of play. It is important for everyone to be aware of these rules, as they are in place to protect not only the players, but the individuals themselves. SASMA recommend that you check with your National or State Sporting Body’s policy in the first instance. In the absence of a policy, some specific examples can be found below.

Some specific examples can be found here

Clubs and Alcohol (Liquor Licensing Factsheet)


If your club wishes to sell liquor, a club representative needs to apply to Consumer and Business Services (CBS) for a liquor licence. It is an offence to sell liquor without a licence. A maximum penalty of $20,000 can apply if found guilty of this offence.