Why is it important?

Having the correct forms filled out and filed appropriately is crucial for sporting clubs. This includes a Player Medical Profile, Consent Form and Legal Waiver, When to Refer to Doctor and Injury Report form. It is important that this information is not only collected, but is also stored in a confidential and secure manner by clubs.


Participant/Player Medical Profile


The Participant Medical Profile is an easily accessible form providing participant’s medical history. It's a convenient way to supply those authorised personnel the information they need to enable the best possible care to all participants. It is important for the player to fill this out honestly.


When to Refer for a Pre-Participation Exam with a Doctor


This document is designed to assist Sports Trainers and Medical Personnel as to when they must refer players to a doctor for a full pre-participation medical exam. This document explains when to refer athletes for a pre-participation examination with their doctor. It should be made clear to the athlete that they are not able to participate until this occurs and they are given the ‘all clear’.


Generic Consent Form for Participation to Play


This Generic Consent Form and Legal Waiver should be signed prior to participation by all players in order to cover the club and player.


Injury Report Form


To be used by Sports Trainers, Medical Staff or other Club personnel for all injuries that occur.


Best Practice Principles for Storing Information


It is great for clubs to have all the above forms filled out correctly, but it is as important that this information is stored in a confidential and secure way. SASMA has created a policy on Best Practice Principles for Storing Information. These established principles provide a guide as to how members’ personal and medical information should be protected within the parameters of the law.