About Us

Sports Safety and Risk Management (SSARM) is an online resource designed to assist clubs in the areas of player health and wellbeing, and liability and risk management in relation to sports injuries and illnesses.

This online resource has been created by South Australia Sports Medicine Association with assistance from Sports Physicians, Lawyers, Sports Physiotherapists, State Sporting Organisations and local sporting clubs.

The creation of SSARM would not have been possible without the assistance of the following individuals and organisations who were instrumental in research, policy review, advice and filming.


Gabrielle Fisher - Project Officer

Kate Beerworth

David Creaser

Jemah Finn

Dr Mark Giancaspro

Damien Norsworthy

Sam Offord

Jan Stirling

Dr Duncan Walker

Aaron Beck

Leah Cassidy

Steve Fendt

Carol Goddard

Patria Gough

Sue Pascoe

Sonya Peters

Dr Andrew Potter